Family & Friends

How you can help the person in your life who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.


Comforting people with cancer.  Victoria’s Quilts makes and distributes quilts to adult cancer patients.  Visit their website for more information.


Establish an action / to-do calendar in a central location of the home so that all family members and friends coming to the home can assist the patient.


Establish a volunteer drivers list for the transporting of the patient to treatment or doctor appointments.


  • Be cheerful, positive and calm
  • Be a good listener
  • Be available to provide assistance in the home…cleaning, washing clothes, errands, minding the children, paying bills.
  • Maintain contact with neighbours, family members and friends to assure them of their welcome to the home
  • Be prepared to arrange meals for patient and family members on a regular basis.
  • Encourage friends and family members to keep in touch with the patient by sending cards or emails.  Sometimes, telephone calls can be intrusive and energy draining.
  • Find things for other volunteers/helpers to do.  People want to help.